Q&A TCM Training Plans

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Why TCM trainingplans?

Maybe you are self coached, but want some guidance for your triathlon goals. We have created two plans, based on heart rate and pace, so you do not need a power meter. Furthermore, the plans are aligned with the training times of TCM. This means that the swimming sessions match (roughly) with your plan and this applies for your interval workouts on Tuesday as well. The plans are written for intermediate athletes, which means that you finish races between the top 20% and 70% range of your age group.

Which plan should I choose?

That is up to you and depends on your race schedule and current fitness. The plans created target an olympic distance triathlon and a half distance triathlon. If you race in Bilzen, you can choose the OD plan and up the cycling a bit. Do you race West-Friesland 70.3, the half distance plan might be the right choice. Do you have an early full distance event planned, then please contact a coach to guide you.

I have a power meter? Can I still follow the plan?

Maybe a specific power based plan is better, but these plans can certainly be used. If you are just starting with power, the a power based plan is probably a better choice. But if you are a more advanced user of a bike power meter, then using RPE and heart rate to prescribe your workout and using power to evaluate afterwards can be a good choice.